International Body Music Festival
International Body Music Festival - July 3-12, 2015 - Bali

Theatre A Tempo

Théâtre À Tempo | Quebec, Canada

In 2008, Olivier Forest, Genevieve Kerouac and Benoit Lemay co-founded Théâtre À Tempo. Its mission is to create and produce high quality multidisciplinary shows. In all of its creations, the À Tempo team focuses on using RHYTHM and MOVEMENT in an original way. À Tempo also reserves a privileged place for clownish play and body music in every one of its productions. The group performed at the 2012 IBMF Istanbul.

All the À Tempo shows rely on a similar creation process: composition of the music and unique sound effects, a quest for an exclusive aesthetic quality and the writing of original scenarios. Théâtre À Tempo just released their new production, L'oubliette, where 3 clowns find themselves behind bars of a very special prison.

Olivier Forest (clown, percussionist, musical director)
Olivier Forest became a professional musician in early 1996, following his college and university studies in music. At first, he played the drums and percussion in bands. Today, he plays in several diverse types of bands: the Tourelle orkestra (Klezmer), The Strictly Jazz Band (Swing), Insergent (electro-rock), Fanfarniente delle Strada (World music), Semel Rebel (Funk) only to name a few. His talents for acting and improvising quickly allowed him to expand his work opportunities, and in 2001 he was hired by the Cirque Éos as a character and percussionist. He was a member of the musical improvisation team of Quebec City and works as a street performer in events such as the Montreal Jazz Fest, the "Francopholie de Montréal", the Quebec Summer Festival, etc. Olivier is co-founder and musical director of the Théâtre À Tempo¯and as such, participated in the creation of several art projects over the past few years. He won the Bernard Bonnier prize at the Gala des Arts et de la Culture for the play "Jacques et son Maître" that was presented at the Théâtre le Trident¯ in Quebec City. This prize is given to the musician who created the most interesting sound environment. He was also seen in "Aaatchoum!," a Théâtre de l'Aubergine presentation. He is also the music teacher at Quebec's circus school and uses body music as his first tool to do it.

Geneviève Kérouac (clown, dancer)
As a child, Geneviève attended an elementary art school in Sherbrooke. Every day, she studied piano, violin and dance. In 1997 she entered a Quebec City circus school and at the same time started her bachelor degree in Physical Education. As she had been a gymnast since her childhood, she had a great understanding of body movement in general (dance, acrobatics, juggling). This greatly helped her in learning the art of the circus. She has an excellent stage presence, which resulted in her getting the main role in the Cirque Éos's show "Chapito." She then started touring with her rhombus and air belts shows. In 2000, Geneviève created a clown show called "Bonne Journée," in collaboration with Frédéric Dubois. In 2002 and 2003, she continued her clown training with Francine Côté. In 2004 she created the "Dry Beat Trio"¯show and in 2008 "La Grande Étude"¯("The Great Experiment"). Both these shows helped her improve and master the art of being a clown. In 2000, she found a new passion in swing dancing. That is what she has been doing professionally since 2003. On top of being Canadian champion several times, she became World Swing Dance Champion in 2005 and 2007. Ever since, she has pursued her career as a dance and circus teacher and artistic counsellor, both locally and internationally. She's the one who put the very first À Tempo Show, "Swing Station," on stage. She is also in charge of the clown formation at Quebec's circus school.

Benoit Lemay (clown, accordionist)
Benoit Lemay was always athletic and curious about arts. He started taking violin lessons at the age of 5. During his teenage years, he was part of several music groups in which he played different types of saxophones and violin. At the age of 14, he discovered circus arts, a field that quickly gave him the opportunity to tour the World. After graduating from College in science and music (violin), Benoit shared his time between the circus and his studies, starting a college degree in Industrial Design (multi-media) in 2001. The years he spent training at the Quebec City Circus School allowed him to discover juggling, the Chinese mast, the Russian-bar and clown art. He was able to share these disciplines with the public from 1998 to 2002, thanks to the Cirque Éos. In 1995, he founded a monocycle juggling quartet, Les Tourisk. This group performed all over the World, and in 1997 it won the gold medal and the prize of the public at the International Juggling Association. More recently, Benoit participated in the creation of the stilt trio Les Gargouilles,¯who met with great success at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and in Quebec City's Summer Festival. In 2008, he co-founded Théâtre À Tempo, a company dedicated to the creation and production of multidisciplinary shows.