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Kecak Bona

Kecak Bona | Bali, Indonesia

Most traditional arts are something of a distant memory. One of these is the Cak dance that originated and developed in the Village of Bona, in the sub-village of Blahbatuh, Gianyar, Bali. Having experienced its prime years in the 1970s, the Cak is now close to extinction.

Cak dance is a traditional dance from Bali that involves a number of chanters performing in a dimly lit setting, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The sound of the Cak made by the performers adds to the bustling and lively spirit of the Cak dance. The Cak dance is estimated to have existed since 1925, despite its absence during the transition period of Indonesia's independence, the art of Cak came back to life in the 1970s and became a must-see tourist attraction that gained popularity in the 1980s.

I Gusti Nyoman Yasa, Head of the Cak Bona group, states that the Cak revival in Bona occurred after the 1980s. Cak Bona is made up of 120 performers, 20 dancers from six different banjars within the Bona Pakraman Village. The represented banjars include Banjar Pasedana, Banjar Kertyasa, Banjar Bona Kebon, Banjar Bona Kelod, Banjar Prajamukti and Banjar Dana.