International Body Music Festival
International Body Music Festival - July 3-12, 2015 - Bali


Çudamani | Bali, Indonesia

Dewa Putu Berata, Director. Comprised of a core membership of thirty-one young virtuoso musicians and dancers (6 members will be appearing at the IBMF as an ensemble, and in Body Tjak 13), Çudamani is a professional company with a working philosophy much like a family temple or sanggar. Members see themselves as a community of leaders who, through their music and dance, positively contribute to the artistic, cultural and political life of their village. Beyond mere aesthetic entertainment, Balinese arts capture and amplify the shifting dimensions of human emotion, nature, the spirit world and the cosmos. Çudamani is known both for their phenomenal technical skill and for their vitality and dedication to Balinese traditional values.

Kecak (Keh-CHAK), or monkey chant, was originally part of Bali's Sanghyang trance dance. Its high energy, interlocking vocal patterns, ranging from primordial animal gutturals to ethereal melodies of exquisite beauty and sophistication have inspired some of Bali's most innovative contemporary choreography. An ancient but evolving artform, Çudamani brings contemporary influences into their work, often including elements of Body Tjak, the Body Music/Kecak project founded by Keith Terry and I Wayan Dibia.