International Body Music Festival
International Body Music Festival - July 3-12, 2015 - Bali

Cak Bedulu

Cak Bedulu | Bali, Indonesia

Bedulu is a village filled with a number of important temples such as Samuan Tiga and Goa Gajah. Many centuries ago there was an epidemic that killed hundreds of people in Bedulu. In order to counteract this illness, a form of trance ritual called Sanghyang Jaran was created (hobby horse trance) whereby the sound CAK was repeated in various rhythms, which helped to induce a trance state in the dancers.

In 1931, a new form of Kecak was created with such luminaries as Wayan Limbak, Gusti Putu Madangan and Pekak Linis (all now deceased) with scores of men chanting syncopated rhythms of the word CAK and dancers improvising movements based on the warrior dance Baris. The Bedulu Kecak troupe has been dormant for many years and is just now being revitalized.

The IBMF is happy to have them as part of our festival.