International Body Music Festival
International Body Music Festival - July 3-12, 2015 - Bali


Bourask | Montréal, Canada

The Bourask percussive dance company has been very active on the Québec scene since 2005. Primarily inspired by the history and origins of the traditional South African gumboot movement, which is synonymous with commitment, conviction and solidarity, the artistic director Sylvie Mercier draws inspiration from the universal, limitless and boundless expression of percussive dance. She focuses her research on the fusion of several styles of traditional or contemporary percussive dance in Quebec and around the world.

At IBMF Bali, Bourask will perform their new creation "Asteur" - five artists inspired by the contemporary art of vocals and percussive dance, and dedicated to the transmission of Quebec mixed culture. "Asteur," a former quebecois term meaning "now," is a representation of the Bourask Dance Company in its desire to bring up-to-date the traditional percussive dances from Quebec and from all over the world. This production puts forward a mixture of gumboot, québécois step dancing, body percussion, House dance, contemporary dance and voice. This show was created in close partnership with JP Loignon, a composer and expert in mouth-drumming, vocal textures and "beat box," and Philippe Meunier, a contemporary dancer specialized in québécois step dancing and body percussion.